Our Mission: To lead people out of separation from God, and into a life-transforming, joy-filled relationship with Him

Current Requests​​​

  • That our church will remain connected in this unique season

  • Guidance for our building project: more offices, all purpose room, doors,
    nursing mom room

  • Phase 2 Building Buildout (many volunteers, best work for lowest cost)

  • Silas Welsh and Lemar Griffin as they lead the Youth Ministry

  • Details for Kids' Camp this summer

  • Current sermon series: Redeeming Technology


Reaching the Lost

  • Hearts – for willingness to turn from all sin and for compassion to reach the lost

  • Direction – for guidance as a church and as individuals to reach lost

  • Receptivity – for people to be open to the gospel in our area (pray for specific people)

  • Obedience – to take action when we have opportunities to share the gospel

Church Ministries  

  • Preaching Ministry

  • Worship Ministry

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Tutoring Ministry

  • Community Group Ministry

  • Student Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry

  • Kids’ Church  

  • Welcome Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Compassion Ministry  

  • Building and Office Ministry

  • Video Team

  • Content Creation Team

  • Courtside Ministries


Specific Requests​​​​

  • For Darrin and Sheri Yount, Lauren and Silas Welsh, Traci and Josh Castaneda, and Phyllis and Richawn Buford to be used greatly for Jesus at Mosaic Community

  • Strength for all involved in the building project

  • Resources to be stretched as far and wide as possible

  • For all our leaders to be greatly encouraged by the Lord

  • For more leaders to be raised up in our church

  • For strong marriages and godly parenting

  • For people to be freed from addictions (drinking, drugs, pornography, cigarettes,
    eating etc…)

  • Unity and joy among staff and zeal and faith for God’s work

  • Unity in our church and no gossip

  • To believe nothing is more satisfying than serving the Lord

  • To know what to cut out of our lives so that we can serve Him more effectively

  • For our church to be a place of joy and love

  • To welcome all types of people and increase in cultural diversity

  • That God would fill the elders with His strategic plan to advance the gospel in Joliet
    and beyond

  • For the deacons to be empowered to care for our facility and finances

  • To continue to grow as a church of prayer and of the Bible

  • For the young people at Mosaic Community to be on fire for Jesus

  • That everyone would own their part in God’s mission in Joliet

  • Pray for God's hand of protection on our Pastor, his family, the elders, deacons and staff

  • Pray for unity among the elder board

  • Pray for wisdom and Spirit empowerment for the elder board to make decisions

  • Pray for the wives of the elders & deacons to be encouraged