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Our Mission: To lead people out of separation from God, and into a life-transforming, joy-filled relationship with Him

Current Requests​​​

  • Fall Fest Outreach Event

  • Women's Book Study

  • Men's Bible Study Fellowship

  • That our church will remain connected in this unique season

  • Guidance for our building project: more offices, all purpose room, doors,
    nursing mom room

  • Phase 2 Building Buildout (many volunteers, best work for lowest cost)

  • Mosaic e-Community - that our online worship service will reach far and wide, that our e-community would feel seen and loved, that all technology will function well each Sunday

Reaching the Lost

  • Hearts – for willingness to turn from all sin and for compassion to reach the lost

  • Direction – for guidance as a church and as individuals to reach lost

  • Receptivity – for people to be open to the gospel in our area (pray for specific people)

  • Obedience – to take action when we have opportunities to share the gospel

Church Ministries  

  • Preaching Ministry

  • Worship Ministry

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Tutoring Ministry

  • Community Group Ministry

  • Student Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry

  • Kids’ Church  

  • Welcome Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Mom's Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Compassion Ministry  

  • Building and Office Ministry

  • Video Team

  • Content Creation Team

  • Courtside Ministries


Specific Requests​​​​

  • For Darrin and Sheri Yount, Lauren and Silas Welsh, Traci and Josh Castaneda,
    Phyllis and Richawn Buford, and Jacob and Miriam Brugger to be used greatly for Jesus at
    Mosaic Community

  • Strength for all involved in the building project

  • Resources to be stretched as far and wide as possible

  • For all our leaders to be greatly encouraged by the Lord

  • For more leaders to be raised up in our church

  • For strong marriages and godly parenting

  • For people to be freed from addictions (drinking, drugs, pornography, cigarettes,
    eating etc…)

  • Unity and joy among staff and zeal and faith for God’s work

  • Unity in our church and no gossip

  • To believe nothing is more satisfying than serving the Lord

  • To know what to cut out of our lives so that we can serve Him more effectively

  • For our church to be a place of joy and love

  • To welcome all types of people and increase in cultural diversity

  • That God would fill the elders with His strategic plan to advance the gospel in Joliet
    and beyond

  • For the deacons to be empowered to care for our facility and finances

  • To continue to grow as a church of prayer and of the Bible

  • For the young people at Mosaic Community to be on fire for Jesus

  • That everyone would own their part in God’s mission in Joliet

  • Pray for God's hand of protection on our Pastor, his family, the elders, deacons
    and staff

  • Pray for unity among the elder board

  • Pray for wisdom and Spirit empowerment for the elder board to make decisions

  • Pray for the wives of the elders & deacons to be encouraged

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