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We aren't just a church with  community Groups, we're a

church of  community groups. 


Community Groups are all about Uncommon Community. They are designed to

encourage men and women to grow as faithful followers of Jesus Christ and

hold the aim to increase group members' passion to worship Christ, walk with 

Christ, and work for Christ.

We are convinced that disciples of Christ and disciple-makers for Christ are

most effectively developed in a community group environment where individuals

can connect with each other as they connect with Christ. Therefore, it is our

desire to see each person in our church family participating in a Community Group.

Community Groups are designed to be the weekly meeting place outside of the 

worship service where friends are developed, biblical truth is discussed and applied,

encouragement is given, prayers are raised, accountability is welcomed, care is

given, and disciples are made. Each Community Group meets typically three times

a month at various times throughout the week.

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