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Working for Christ means rolling up your sleeves and finding  place

to serve – and becoming an important part of our church family.

It's using your spiritual gifting and God-given talent to build up His kingdom and

the people in it. It comes in many forms – because every follower of Jesus has been

given a spiritual gift, and the gifts are different from person to person.


But all the gifts are for the same purpose: serving our church family, and in the

process, serving the Lord. Why? Because that's the way God works. When we use

our heads and hands together, He knows it will also knit our hearts  that's how the

body of Christ, the church, was intended to function and thrive.


Below is a list of serving opportunities. Please indicate where you are interested

in serving in the "subject" field in the form.

Welcome Ministry      Hospitality Table      Shuttle Ministry     Audio & Video   

Children's Ministry (Birth through 5th grade)      Youth Ministry (Junior High

& High School)      Communications      Administrative Team      Phase 2 Prep   

Cleaning & Building Maintenance

Thanks for submitting!


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